By Antony Robins,

Do what you did at the beginning of a relationship and there won’t be an end.

From the creation story, we realize that no man is an island,Therefore, you need to fully embrace this communal life by happily walking on a straight road to a healthy love and relationship with your partner.So, the following are the best five footsteps that will slowly but permanently land you on your long term discernment.

Understand the differences between men and women.

It’s obvious that you will meet or even have met a person as your loved one brought up in a different family with distinct cultures and traits.

Additionally, life is all about bringing different ideas , skills and talents together through understanding.Therefore, it’s important for you to understand and accept your differences with your spouse for a peaceful and interesting love life.

Let respect and honor be a daily practice between you and your loved one.

Through understanding each other, you are able to know both likes and dislikes of your mate.Therefore, learn to be flexible and respect good intentions of your spouse.Never haste, Give this a daily practice and happiness will never fade in your love and relationship.

Let your loved one be your best friend.

Friendship is the strongest pillar of love and relationship.Other facts like beauty and handsomeness can fade away as you grow but friendship remains and it can be everlasting when you practice it well.

Treating your spouse as the best friend will not only make you feel happy when you’re both close to each other but it will also catalyze the urge to miss one another when you are far apart which is a positive factor in strengthening a relationship.

Develop and improve good communication skills with your spouse.

The main aim of good communication skills is not just to pass information but to gain understanding from your partner.Therefore, you need to be flexible in your reasoning by listening more to his or her opinion then examine what to say and what to keep for yourself.

Poor communication can lead to misunderstanding and blames while good communication can be inspiring and motivational.So, let a good communication skill be your daily practice and you will seize from rampant misunderstandings with your spouse.

Never seize to trust your loved one.

All the happiness and freedom you need from your loved one must be built from the love and trust you have for your mate.No love can exist without trust. Therefore, you must passionately trust your lover in all the circumstances.

Additionally, trusting your spouse will not only grant you space of mind but also the freedom of security that your lover will always remain loyal to you.

Last Thoughts.

By Ivan Ra dos,

Healthy love and relationship isn’t something to strive for, nor something you have to work hard to achieve.Healthy love is your freedom born of awareness.

A healthy and happy relationship is always a dream goal for everyone in love. So stand out from the crowed by reading and practicing the above detailed guidelines and soon you will shower yourself in the ocean of happy love and relationship.